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April 4-6

Southwest Black Art Show at the African American Museum in Dallas

The Southwest Black Art Show will be held at Fair Park's African American Museum, Apr. 6-8.

The Southwest Black Art Show was envisioned to present a quality experience for artists, collectors, galleries, educators, art professionals, and anyone interested in black fine art. The Southwest Black Art Show is committed to the exclusive presentation of art produced by artists of African and African-American descent. Our goal is to make the SWBAS a destination point where collectors come to find quality black art.

Our Next Event... 

Harlem Arts Cafe

17 E 125th St

New York, New York

We will be at the Harlem Art Cafe in New York from  July 26th to July 28th, 2017.  The hours are: This is the first art gallery to specialize in African-American Art in the USA. This is a unique place where you can choose from between ten thousand images by artists from all backgrounds, enjoy browsing through the art for days without feeling bored, have a custom frame made to your taste while you wait or have it shipped if you are from out of town and enjoy a free Turkish tea.

This is a wholesale and retail art gallery that sells to retail art galleries and designers, where you will find the best prices and for all your art needs. If you are a student from out of town, you can also obtain very nice dormitory furniture for a price that is low enough that you can leave the furniture behind.

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